Amazon Kindle eBooks now available in Libraries

Amazon announced today thatKindle and Kindle app customers can now borrow Kindle books from more than 11,000 local libraries in the United States. When a customer borrows a Kindle library book, they’ll have all of the unique features they love about Kindle books, including Whispersync, which automatically synchronizes their margin notes, highlights and bookmarks, real page numbers, Facebook and Twitter integration, and more.”



How it works

To borrow a Kindle eBook you need to go to your US Library that offers digital services from Overdrive. Use your valid library card to check out the book, then click “Get for Kindle” and sign into your Amazon account. You don’t have to physically be at the library to do this, you can do it from the comfort of you home.

How getting eBooks from your Library works

Source: Amazon

Available on

  • – any generation Kindle device
  • – any free Kindle app for Android, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry or Windows Phone
  • – In a web browser with Kindle Cloud Reader

Full Kindle Features

You also have access to all the Kindle features you would normally have with a book you bought:

  • – Whispersync technology wirelessly sync your books, notes, highlights, and last page read across Kindle and free Kindle reading apps
  • – Real Page Numbers let you easily reference passages with page numbers that correspond to actual print editions
  • – Facebook and Twitter integration makes it easy to share favorite passages with your social networks
  • – Popular Highlights show you what our community of millions of Kindle readers think are the most interesting passages in your books
  • – Public Notes allow you to share your notes and see what others are saying about Kindle books

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8 Comments on "Amazon Kindle eBooks now available in Libraries"

  1. Regarding living in Canada and downloading from a US library. I also have a U.S. library card and can download audiobooks from there to my Canadian computer and iPod, so am fully expecting to be able to download Kindle books as well when I purchase my Kindle this fall.
    Try it!

    • Hi,
      How I can get a US library card from Ontario canada? I need to read ebooks available from this US library.
      If is possible can you tell me the steps?
      thanks in advance.


  2. Well, I guess I’ll have to return the Christmas gift of a Kindle Touch to Best Buy.
    There’s no point in having it if we can’t download books in Canada…not even from a US library!!

    • Rick I’ve been doing a little research on this and it is very difficult to find any concrete information about what is and is not available in Canada from Amazon. Anyone else got suggestions here? I’ll continue to dig and put an article together on this.

  3. I have a US library card, but live in Canada much of the year. Can I download ebooks for Kindle from my US library, when I’m in Canada?

    • Good question Jane, one to which I do not have an answer. I do know that many websites in the US, including Amazon, detect your IP address for your Internet connection and if they determine it is in Canada they restrict what is available to purchase and download. Whether the US Library does so I do not know, maybe someone else here will….

  4. Cynthia Nichols | November 6, 2011 at 8:13 am | Reply

    Why isn’t Amazon offering this service in Canada? All other readers now have Canadian access for libraries. Is Amazon expecting to widen the library option to Canada in the near future or do I need to throw out my Kindle and buy a more useful reader?

    • There are quite a few instances of this between Canada and the US. It has to do with licensing and publishing laws. It’s why the Kindle Fire is not available here yet. It’s why NetFlix took so long to have Canadian access. I have no details on when this may be available in Canada. However we’ve had a flurry of eReaders hit the market in the last few weeks that offer the same or more than the Kindle. The Kobo Vox, the Barnes & Noble Nook arrives tomorrow. Maybe buying a Canadian tablet will include these needed features – we’ll see!

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