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It’s curious that as a species we never seem to be satisfied with our appearance.

We dye our hair, enhance our face, sugically change our bodies. We’re always trying to be someone else.

Technology, I think, it going to make that much easier in the future.

Deep Fake Today

Technically we can change our appearance even today, without doing anything physical.

Snapchat is a form of deep facke that allows us to overlay a completely different look in real-time. You can be a rock star, an animal, all kinds of options and it’s fun.

There’s websites out there that allow you to deep fake to try on clothes, try different hair styles, etc – again all in real-time. Base your hairstyle on someone famous.

These are portrayed as helpful sites and get us used to trying things on and looking different.

A Hint of the Future

I happened to catch an episode of America’s Got Talent where a company called Metaphysic has developed software that can deep fake your look on camera in real-time.

The realism is impressive, the facial features are seamless. This means someone on television can look like anyone!

Is This The Future?

I think in the future you can wear something – a piece of “something” on your forehead, or under your chin, that can deep fake your appearance in person, real-time. It will project or overlay new features over your own. It will be real-time and it will be impressively “real”.

Imagine being able to put on your “party face” Saturday night, or your “job interview face” for that important meeting.

Want to be elvish? or Vulcan? this will now be possible.

It will be like the Metaverse. It will be like the movie Ready Player One but instead of an online world it will be this real world.

Ready Player One

Deep fake is the ultimate anonymity. How will you know who you are really talking to? How do you know if what you are seeing is the real person, or a persona?

This will change society. It will change how we interact with each other.

Is deep fake a good step forward for technology?

That remains to be seen.