Microsoft Phone Scam

Microsoft is not actively monitoring your computer and will not call you at home to tell you that you have security errors. So if you do get a call from Microsoft you want to be…

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A Security Breach costs $38,000 On Average

A new study by Telus and the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management has found that an IT security breach to a Canadian company will cost, on average, $38,000 is costs.

Apple Computer Hacked

iPad 2 Security Issue with Smart Cover

Thought your iPad was protected? It has been discovered that someone can easily unlock your iPad 2, even if it is password protected. All you need is a iPad Smart Cover (?!).

File Sharing sites found to be unsafe

Researchers from Belgium and France have discovered that “a significant percentage” of the top 100 file sharing sites allow unauthorized access. File sharing sites sites such RapidShare, FileFactory, and Easyshare, provide file sharing by using supposedly random secret URL’s…

email scam

Domain Registration Scam

I received this email scam this morning which at first glance looks like a domain registration renewal advisory. It’s not. Let’s take a moment and and understand some basic security checks you can do when…

Apple Computer Hacked

Mac hacked in under 5 seconds

At the 2011 annual CanSecWest Pwn2Own contest a team from France successfuly hijacked a fully patched version of Mac OS X 64-bit Within five seconds of surfing to the rigged site,VUPEN co-founder Chaouki Bekrar had successfully…

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Facebook Security update

Facebook has finally released a secured browsing option for their website. Facebook now offers the ability to browse their site using HTTPS, which will help to eliminate hacker problems with the likes of Firesheep and…