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Got a Small Business product or service you want to promote?
(All prices are in Canadian Dollars)

2 Options

  • $35 for 30 days ($1.16/day) – 300 x 250 banner on the top left sidebar, shown on every page

180x160 banner

  • $10 for 30 days ($0.33/day) – 468 x 60 banner at the bottom (or appropriate spot below the fold) of a specific page

468 x 60 Banner

Get exposure on every page, or target your product to a page with a good marketing fit.
Our articles are usually long enough that there’s effective use of space below the fold for advertising.
(We’re flexible and may give consideration to reciprocal and imaginative offers under the right circumstances)

Why Advertise Here?

Is this the right place for your advertising? Here’s some quick stats about us:

  • Small Business & Technology focus
  • 77% Search Engine Traffic
  • 88% New Visits
  • 70% desktop browsers
  • 22% mobile browsers
  • Predominantly US and Canadian visitors
  • Over 6,000 visitors in the last 30 days
  • Google Page Rank 3/10

How to Advertise Here

Step 1Contact us and tell us:

  • Your company
  • Contact information
  • Option you’re interested in
  • Placement time frame
  • Copy of banner

Step 2: Once we’ve reviewed your information we’ll contact you and let you know our decision and if we can accommodate your time frame. (we only accept 4 sidebar banners at a time) Acceptance includes a Paypal invoice for payment.

Step 3: You deposit the fee to our Paypal account before the start date of the banner.

It’s really that easy, no contracts to sign. We’ll remind you when the banner is due to expire and will provide impression counts at that time.

We know money is tight these days and we’ve kept our prices lower than standard pricing to help out fellow marketers and Internet companies.

Got questions or need more information? Contact us