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iTunes Availability by Country

iTunes Availability by Country

Did you know? Only Australia, Canada, UK, and US have full access to the iTunes Store. If you live in Austria, Cayman Islands, China, Greece and others that means apps and books only, no Music, Music Videos, or TV shows. In fact, iTunes Apps and Books are the two...
iTunes Availability by Country

Wait! Don’t Activate iTunes Match Just Yet

Apple’s new Cloud-based music storage system has a few “gotchas”. Apple’s iTunes Match allows users (for $29 per year) to upload their music collection to Apple’s cloud – except Apple doesn’t actually upload the music....

How to use AppleTV with Windows

Here’s how to use AppleTV in your Windows network to consolidate your audio, video, television, pictures and other files. [Updated for version 3.0] An AppleTV, iTunes, and the Internet can provide a single easy source for your audio and video. By default you can...