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How to Root your Nook Tablet

How to Root your Nook Tablet

Four days after its release a root has been provided for the Nook Tablet to turn it into a full Android tablet. The Nook Tablet was released November 16, earlier than originally expected, and probably due to Amazon’s Kindle Fire release date. Here’s the...

Nook for Android

I tried to download the Nook reader for Android, however I got the message: “the item cannot be installed in your device’s country”. This is for my Bell Samsung GT9000M smartphone. What’s up Barnes & Noble? Why can’t I read books and...
How to Root your Nook Tablet

New Nook November 7

It is rumored that November 7th Barnes and Noble will release a new Nook Color. No specifications are known yet however this rumored Nook will almost undoubtedly have a seven inch screen. The B&N stores are apparently transforming a section in the stores for this...