Start 2020 Fresh – Clean Out Your Inbox

Start 2020 uncluttered and clean out your inbox. It’s like cleaning up your desk, you’ll feel better and you’ll focus better. Here’s six handy tips to clean out your inbox more quickly using built-in features of…

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Email From Central Intelligence Agency Case Officer – Spam

I received the following email from Evan Archie, a Central Intelligence Agency Case Officer. It’s made to sound threatening and involves distribution and storage of pornographic electronic materials involving underage children – and then you…

Is Email From Spam?

There are emails circulating from that appear to be from Scotiabank and describe an incoming wire and have an attached Excel spreadsheet. These are definitely not from Scotiabank and are spam emails!

outlook corrupt attachment

Change Outlook Startup Folder to Tasks

Email can be time sucker, you check it up to 36 times an hour. You also tend to think email is important but many times it really isn’t. Emails like Facebook notifications, friends, Pintrest, Twitter,…

outlook corrupt attachment

Outlook 2016 Corrupt Attachment

Outlook 2016 is sending corrupt attachments that cannot be opened on the receiving end. The original file was confirmed to be fine and could be opened on the sending computer. Once it was attached to…

upgrade to office 2016

Upgrade to Office 2016

I just completed an upgrade to Office 2016 and it didn’t go well for Outlook 2016. Something got corrupted along the way with my Outlook profile and it took a few steps to get things…