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All of a suddent you cannot edit a message sent from Quickbooks Desktop. If you’re sending out Invoices or other emails from Quickbooks you used to be able to change the text before you send the email from Outlook.

Now, even though you change the text of teh message sent from Quickbooks, the message received on the other end has the original text from Quickbooks, not the changed text.

This is a known issue in Quickbooks starting about May 2021, an so far there is no known fix from Quickbooks.

A Couple Of Workarounds

Once the message has been sent from Quickbooks, save the message using File, Save, or CTRL-S.

Close the message

Go to you Drafts folder and open up the message.

Now you can make changes and send the message.


Once the message has been received from Quickbooks, go to the “Format Text” tab

Change the message from HTML to Rich Text, then back.

Now you can make changes and send the message

This is a stupid issue and has something to do with how Quickbooks formats the message when sending it to Outlook.

Again as of this writing there are no know solutions or fixes from Quickbooks, only workarounds.