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I recieved two emails to two separate accounts this morning with the subject title; “[Attention] This is a protected Vmail!”.

Both emails suggest they come from Microsoft and contained an attachment that says it is an audio message but points to a web page.

This “protected Vmail” is Spam and potential Malware and should be ignored and deleted.

Here’s the content of the email:

ID: {email address}

Your caller just left you a message, find the details below:
Caller ID: +1-802-203-3075
Date: 25 March, 2020
Duration: 1:03 Sec
Organization: Trustedtech.ca

Note: This is an automated message and need immediate attention, please do not reply

This email was sent to {email address}

Stay Vigilant

A lot of staff is now working from home due to the Coronavirus and for some this places them outside the in-place protections that were automatic from within the office.

Spammers are taking advantage of that and there has been an influx of Spam email trying to catch these new home workers.

Stress levels are high, but take the time to slow down and evaluate your incoming emails to be sure they are legitimate. “Protected Vmail” is an unsual term which should raise flags in your mind as to the legitimacy of this email.

This is very similar to a previous spam email, also supposidly from Microsoft with a message that expires.

For most organizations and companies your IT staff is still in operation and you can reach out to them if you are not sure if an email or attachment is legitimate.

We live in strange times

It is a strange and stressful period of time. Stay safe, not only physically, but within your technical environment as well. If something looks strange, assume it is until you know otherwise.