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Want to know what day is best to launch your app? Here’s an interesting study – even though I’m not sure how many developers wander by this site. However if you like these types of statistical studies you will find this one intriguing.

Mobilewalla studied apps released in the iTunes App Store and Android Market over a 17-week period between May 16th and September 8th, 2011. During this time, there were 91,754 iOS apps released into the iTunes App Store and 122,220 apps released into the Android Market.

Mobilewalla says that app counts are now growing at an average of 2,000 apps per day across all four platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone).

During the 119 days of the study, Mobilewalla sorted apps by the day of the week they were released. However, it should be noted that on Android, developers control the release date, while iOS apps’ release dates are affected by the iTunes review cycle.

None the less, according to new research from mobile analytics service , Sunday is the best day to release a mobile app.

Mobilewalla found that apps released on a Sunday statistically performed the best. That is, they made it into the list of the top 240 mobile applications. In this case, Mobilewalls is defining the “top 240″ apps as those that achieve the highest ranking in their respective stores. 42% of the iOS apps released on a Sunday made it into the top 240, while 11% of Android apps did the same.

In contrast, Thursdays were the worst day to release apps on Android, as only 7% of apps reached the top 240. On iOS, Fridays were the worst, as only 10% of apps reached the top 240. Interestingly though, developers seem to like to release on a Wednesday.

Unrelated to the study, but also interesting; the company discovered that an app on Apple’s platform is four times more likely to be discovered than an app on the Android Market. That speaks to the challenges Google still has to overcome in terms of its ability to better showcase the best new apps within its app store, perhaps.