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How to use Activesync to wirelessly sync your iPhone or iPod Touch email, calendars, and contacts to an Exchange Server .

activesync_logoActivesync(tm) allows you to synchronize your Email, Calendar, and Contacts with your business email account in real-time. Any changes made on your iPhone or iPod Touch will be reflected in your Outlook immediately, and all new mail will automatically arrive on your iPhone (and your Touch if you have WiFi connectivity).

Here’s a quick how-to guide to setting up Activesync on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 with Service Pack 2, or Exchange 2007
  • iPhone software version 2.1 or later
  • Ports 80 and 443 forwarded through the router/firewall to the Exchange Server
  • If you’re using SSL, you need a SSL Certificate from a registered provider (your SSL cannot be self-signed)

Note: This setup will NOT work with the standard email account you got from your Internet Provider, or Gmail, or other POP3 type account. You MUST have a Microsoft Exchange Server. (Instructions for standard emails)

How to test for Activesync:

If you’re not sure you have Activesync and want to find out if your server is setup for Activesync, browse to your mail web page as follows:

  • In Internet Explorer, browse to http://mail.myserver.com/oma – you of course, substitute your server name, just keep the “/oma” at the end.
  • Enter your login credentials
  • Say “yes” to the security warning about your device being unsupported, if you get one, and then you should see a page like this.


If you don’t see that page, or get an error, then you need to talk to your IT support person (or call us at 604-715-5107).

How to set up Activesync

Start by tapping Settings, Mail Contacts Calendars, Add Account, choose Microsoft Exchange.

Here’s Apple’s Quick Setup Guide that walks you through the setup on your iPhone or iPod Touch. If the Activesync test (above) worked then this will be an easy configuration. If you’re not using an SSL connection, say Yes to the SSL prompt, and when finished you must go back into the mail account on your device and, at the bottom, turn of SSL. (this will get rid of the annoying popups)

If you get errors or it just won’t sync, then there are all kinds of possibilities:

  • Apple’s Enterprise Support page
  • Check that your SSL Certificate is not self-signed
  • Confirm you have connectivity
  • Use Safari to test for Activesync (as shown above) on the iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Check your spelling in the account setup – especially your password

Activesync Management for Enterprises

Here’s Apple’s Iphone Configuration Utility for Windows. I didn’t have enough users to make it worthwhile using this but it looks like it would help in a larger corporate environment.

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