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A customer’s Xerox WorkCentre 7454 would print small print jobs just fine, but larger print jobs would only print a few pages, then stop.
This printer is installed in a mining company and large reports do get run on a regular basis, with pictures and charts. It didn’t matter what format the print job was in; Microsoft Word, or Adobe PDF, the same issue occured.




xerox7454A Windows 7 desktop would open up a large PDF and send it to be printed.
Watching the print queue would show the print job accumulating (92 pages) and it would start to print. The Xerox 7454 printer display would show the print in the job queue – and then it would change to Paused.
One the desktop meanwhile, Windows would detect something was wrong with this large print job and would restart it. The print size would double and the pages to be printed would double. It would then start transferring the new print job.
Meanwhile back on the Xerox 7454 there would appear a second print job in the queue, same name.
The desktop would again detect a problem with that print job and now begin a third. I let it go as many as six queued jobs before I shut it down! The first one never completes and the rest just back up behind it.

The Solution

Digging around the Internet I came across an old article about printing problems with Xerox and the solution was to turn off the Advanced Printing features that Xerox puts in the Printer properties in Windows7.
Turning off Advanced Printing means that Windows now handles the print job, not the Xerox driver. This also worked for me.
However, the problem came back and this time I uninstalled and reinstalled the print drive and made sure it was using PCL6. So far this has fixed the problem.

How To

Open up the printer properties for the Xerox 7454 printer and click Advanced features on the first tab.
Select the drop down to show Disable Advanced Printing, then OK out of the printer properties.
Now that Windows is managing the print job there is no further contention about who is managing this large print job.