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Amazon has just announced “Login with Amazon” for use across applications and websites. What is this and what does it mean for you?

According to Amazon’s Press Release Login With Amazon is “a new service that will enable the over 200 million active Amazon customers to securely and simply login to apps, games, and websites.

You can think of Login With Amazon as Amazon’s answer to Facebook’s ubiquitous “Login With Facebook” that is available across many apps and pages. Any time you want to login to an App and you see the “Login with Facebook” option, you may soon see a “Login with Amazon” option added.


login-with-amazonAmazon says that logging in this way reduces the amount of passwords you need to remember, however I think the real incentive behind this is the opportunity for websites and developers to tap into your account and buying habits to feed you articles and products that may appeal to your tastes.

Login for Amazon is already running with Zappos and Woot, and according to their press release; “Woot found that new customers picked Login with Amazon two times more often than any other social login on their site, and those customers had the highest rate of order conversion

Manage your Login With Amazon

You can manage your Login With Amazon connections from within your Amazon account under Manage Login with Amazon. This area will show your connections and let you manage or delete them.

For Developers

Are you a developer who is interested in using Login for Amazon with your product? Here’s the developer link. Login With Amazon will provide a tighter link to the Amazon ecosystem and will allow in-app purchases using the users Amazon account.


If you use Amazon a lot and use their Kindle or Fire HD tablets then there could be benefits to this single login. Bear in mind that using this login will allow the App or website to have access to some limited information about your from your Amazon account.

Have you used it with Zappos or Woot? If you have then let me know your experiences.