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Every Internet browser allows the setting of a home page.
While many never change the home page from the default that is set by the browser, many others have selected their favorite page as their home page. Doing so allows you to start your browsing at the site you want.
Here are a few browser home page suggestions.

Many times when we open our browser we are going to search for something on the internet. Google is a favorite for many. There’s also Bing and the old stand-by yahoo among others.

Social Media
Social media is used by millions and many have selected one of the big four, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Linkedin, as their home page.

Your hometown Newspaper
Printed news may be decreasing, but most newspapers have an on-line version. One that may post breaking news when it happens.

National News/International news
CNN, Google News, Yahoo News or even international sites such as BBC are used by those who crave news all day long.

Your Favorite Blog
There are millions of blogs and millions of postings on them each and every day. Some will selected their favorite blogger or blog as their home page.

Your Business Homepage
This is an obvious one.

Actually, in an interesting twist, my home page is set to be blank, so that I don’t get distracted by the first page but use my links or type in the page I want. However that’s just me, I’m different.
How about you?