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Telus LogoLet me state up front that I try not to deal with Telus any more than I have to.

Several of my customers however use their services and as long as things can be fixed without a phone call, I’m okay. Talking with a Telus employee in the Philippines or India can be an ordeal. (I once made a call that lasted for 4 hours)

That said, allow me to rant about this week’s Telus call.

What I needed was somebody to provide very-very high speed Internet – to a home. 100Mbps down and up kind of speed. Definitely outside the norm.

As always, I started by searching the Telus website, which has nothing at this level, not unexpected. To the phone then.

I work my way through the voice automation system and finally get to a nice lady who informs me that I need to talk to another department for this type of service and puts me on hold – only to be fed back into their voice automation system again. (why do I need to press “1” for English again?) I listen to the other options to see if I can get the right department this time, but there’s really only three options.
Back where I started I am greeted this time by a man who tells me the same and forwards me again. This time it rings through.

[insert hold music here . . .]

I explain to the lady who answers what I need. Instead she tries to sell me on their 25Mbps package. I listen politely but finally interrupt her and ask point blank if they offer 100Mbps. They don’t, however she offers to see what else she could do – except her computer is acting up and she needs to reboot it. I agree to be put on hold while she reboots and am promptly disconnected.

At this point I don’t see any reason to call back, maybe Telus does have something better – but I’m not sure I’ll find it.

Telus, if you are listening . . . I got immediate answers from Shaw and Rogers and only spoke to one person each time. It took three people with your technology-based company – two of which couldn’t use their phone systems properly.

I know I’m not alone in this, got an amusing or tragic story you want to add?