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Telus has begun distributing the Actiontec V1000H modem/router to its home and business customers. It is an all-in-one WIFI enabled modem/router with an easy menu system. Be advised, however, that the configuration of this modem is very restricted. You can change the password, setup the wireless and set some parameters for port forwarding and firewall entries but there are some important things you can’t do.



telus modem router
What you cannot do is change the default IP address for the modem. It defaults to and after talking with five people at Telus, (only one appeared to actually know the V100H) it seems this capability has been deliberately disabled.

For any business that that uses VPN connections or is already setup with a different internal IP addressing scheme (as my customer was) then the Actiontec V100H is essentially an unusable modem.

[UPDATE: Thanks to Kirm (see comments), who has discovered that, although it does not show up on the menu, sometimes you can go to and change the IP address. (this doesn’t work for everyone)]

Make sure it is NOT part of your package with Telus.

You’ll either have to go with the Telus Siemens SE567 modem/router, or purchase your own ADSL router.

[Update: Telus sent a replacement DLink modem that looks much the same and has the same deficiencies]