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Believe it or not, this Holiday Season is one of the best times to have someone work on your computers or network systems!

Why, you ask? Well just think about it; many of the staff will take extended time this season to spend time with family. There is also often little to no customer activity during this period as everyone is doing Christmas parties and other gatherings.



Exclusive Time

Tech support is always looking for time to work on items that require full exclusive access to them alone. Many technology items need to be done when nobody else is using the system and rather than do this after hours or on weekends, usually at a premium cost, it could now potentially be fit into working hours.

What Items Could Be Done?

Any time people don’t need to use their computers is a great time to:

  • Conduct a Network Assessment
  • Conduct a Security Review
  • Perform global updates to Servers and Desktops
  • Upgrade firmware images for Firewalls and other critical equipment
  • Initiate cable clean-ups, or software clean-ups
  • Re-arrange equipment to free up space or remove unused items
  • Other housekeeping items


Give It Some Thought

With just a small shift in your holiday focus you can free up some time for your tech staff to ensure your technology investment is providing the returns it should. As we all know, an up-to-date and smoothly running system will improve your employees effectiveness and customer responsiveness.

So, Seasons Greetings, and here’s to Tech time well spent!