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There’s a new tool available online that will let you find out what information your telecom provider is collecting about your and what they do with it. It’s an easy standard form that can be completed online and sent to your telco.



Your Privacy

computingIt’s well known that your telecom provider, your internet provider, and other service you use are collecting information about you. The question is how that information is used. How many advertisers see it? Who else sees it?

How it Works

This tool is a project of OpenMedia.ca, a community based organization focused on keeping the Internet open and protecting online rights.

You can find the tool at: MyInfo

It’s a simple matter of entering your name/address etc and adding your account information for the provider you want to contact.
The tool then creates both a PDF document you can print and send, or an online request to the provider’s privacy request email address.

The Response

I completed a form to my provider this morning and it can take up to 30 days to get a response. I’ll update this posting when that privacy request response has been received.

Have you ever requested your privacy information? What did you get back?