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Thinking about moving your small business to the cloud?

Many have and Microsoft’s Office 365 is certainly one of your options – however, it has just been brought to light that there is a limitation on the number of emails you can send out in a 24 hour period.



In Office 365 help, under Recipient And Sender Limits, this is what you’ll find: Recipient rate limit: The maximum number of recipients that can receive e-mail messages sent from a single cloud-based mailbox in a 24 hour period.

  • – Microsoft Live@edu 500 recipients per day
  • – Office 365 for professionals and small businesses 500 recipients per day
  • – Office 365 for enterprises 1,500 recipients per day

This limitation applies to both an individual and the company as a whole. This means five employees sending 100 emails each would reach the threshold for the small business platform.

Now that this limitation has become public it will be interesting to see if Microsoft makes any changes to the policy, however Microsoft claims it is an anti-spam measure