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Everywhere you look Windows 8 is being promoted. A quick review of the technology outlet stores will tell you that Windows 7 is nowhere to be found – and yet for the month of November more people installed Windows 7 than Windows 8.


Windows 7 increased 0.22% in November and is now installed in 46.64% of computers.
Windows 8, in comparison only increased .05% to 2.64% of computers.

The Register article suggests it is businesses that are installing Windows 7, and indeed Windows 7 is still available as part of Microsoft’s Open Licensing program.
It is the general consumers who are locked out of Windows 7 availability, no doubt because if they had access to Windows 7 they would probably be buying it rather than version 8.
None of my customers are happy with Windows 8 and are still struggling to comprehend the changes and where to find the new places for the things they want to do. Even Internet Explorer in Windows 8 puts the browsing bar at the bottom rather than the top – why?

Oh, and did you know 31% of computers are still using Windows XP? Are you? Be aware that support for that runs out April 2014.