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If you have been sitting on the fence about the upgrade to Windows 10 then now is the time to decide. Windows 10 will only be available free until July 29. After that you will need to pay for the upgrade.


Further to our previous post on this upgrade to Windows 10, ff you are an individual with your own laptop then my recommendation is to go ahead do the upgrade.

In almost all the upgrades I have performed the computer after the upgrade was faster than it was under Windows 7. Your computer will run better, faster. I have also had no issues with compatibility of programs if all you are using is the Microsoft Office Suite, Chrome or Firefox, and other standard software such as Adobe Reader, WinZip, etc.

The new menu structure can be tweaked to look very much like Windows 7 and all your favourite programs can be easily and intuitively available to you.

Do it.


If you are a business then there are more factors at play here, and my recommendation is “it depends”.

A small office of three to five computers should probably go ahead and upgrade to Windows 10. Problems, if you run into any, will be manageable and even if you have to bring in a tech it will be cost effective in the long term.

However a business of 10 or more should assess the impact and think about special software you may be using. Contact the software manufacturer and make sure no compatibility issues exist. You don’t want a surprise that now affects your workforce. You also want to think about your people and how well they deal with a change of this nature. You don’t have long to think about this, you’re behind the ball now, so you need to address this upgrade very soon. You may decide the frustrations may not be worth the risk at this time, however you know you will have to move to a new operating system at some point so maybe now is the time to bite the bullet?

You must decide.


make-a-choiceWhatever you decide to do, do it consciously.

Don’t just let the offer expire without thinking about it and making a firm judgement on which way you will go.
In my experience I found the change relatively small and manageable. the upgrade to Windows 10 is all the same Windows concepts, some just look different. The computer still works the way it used to and programs function like they used to. It just looks different.

Make your choice – but do it before July 29.