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I talked very shortly back about finaldomainnotices.com scam, and just today I received what looks very much like the same thing, only this time it is instantservicesnetwork.com.

Same tune, different name…



Instantnetworkservices.com is a Scam

The email is just text formatted, nothing fancy, but still screams of urgency. The subject line for the email I received was; “Domain Notification: GUY MOSS This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing – CLOUDPOCKETS.COM”

Here’s the Full Email (PDF).

Just like finaldomainnotices.com you need to scroll down to the very bottom to be able to read:

Note that THIS IS NOT A BILL. This is a solicitation. You are under no obligation to pay the amounts stated unless you accept this offer.

Don’t Respond

Delete this email. Don’t reply, walk away.
Instantservicesnetwork.com wants to charge you $75 per year for your domain name, an outrageous price by any standards!


I’m based out of Canada. Did you receive this email? Leave a comment showing your location and let’s see how far and wide this scam is phishing.