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Come March 1st you may see even more focused advertising in your Google searches.

Google announced a new privacy policy that takes effect March 1st that will start combining nearly all the information it has on its users.

This could mean, for instance, that when users search via Google, the company will use their activities on sister sites like Gmail and YouTube to influence those users’ search results.

Google hasn’t done that before.

Depending on how you feel about targeted advertising this could be a benefit, as you will see ads that closely reflect you and your activities on the Net. However it could also mean that your online privacy has taken another dip and you are yet again more easily trackable. You’ve probably already noticed that advertising seems to follow you from website to website and personally I feel this restricts your exposure to new products and things that may ordinarily be “outside your box”.

You may feel different, however after March 1st you may not have a choice.