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New Vancouver Cloud Backup Service for Small Business & Home Office

In an ongoing quest to provide quality support and services, Foreverwarm is pleased to announce a new Cloud Backup Service: Cloudpockets(tm).

CloudPockets was just released today and is an easy and intuitive way to backup your computer to the Cloud.

It offers off-site backup without having to buy additional hardware such as a USB stick or external hard drive – both of which could be lost or stolen. Instead your important files are automatically backed up to the Cloud off-site using easy to configure software and your Internet connection.


Online Cloud BackupCloudPockets comes in two flavours:

  • CloudPockets Home Office – suitable for the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) entrepreneur with one to three computers.
  • CloudPockets Small Business – more robust with advanced Server features for backing up Microsoft Exchange and SQL servers, plus others.

The Home Office version runs on Windows and Mac computers, with the Small Business version adding Linux, Unix/SCO and Novell availability. All backed up data is encrypted and compressed to save space and this first backup server will retain all data within the province of British Columbia.

This Cloud Backup service is a monthly subscription and is tiered by your disk space requirements, starting with a 5Gb space for CAN$8.95 a month. A free trial is available for both versions that lasts 15 days and gives you 1Gb of space to play around with.

Foreverwarm will be offering this service to all individuals and businesses in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia that are looking for a quick and easy way to backup to the Cloud, through a trusted local provider.