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Researchers from Belgium and France have discovered that “a significant percentage” of the top 100 file sharing sites allow unauthorized access.

File sharing sites sites such RapidShareFileFactory, and Easyshare, provide file sharing by using supposedly random secret URL’s for the share page that cannot be guessed. It has been proven, however, that in fact you can guess the share page.

Once you know the page you have access to the files, whether the page has been shared out or not. It turns out that it has been security through obscurity rather than true defined security.

Attacks in the wild have been proven to exist and the researchers used a honeypot on a file sharing site that become public in the wild.

Since the report, many of the file sharing sites have released updates, however some have not and one simply changed the site agreement to say that files were not guaranteed to be safe. Unfortunatley, for security reasons, most of the names of the file sharing sites were not revealed.