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Facebook Deals is now available in Canada

I look back over my last few posts and I see they are all about Facebook. It’s surprising really, since I’m not a big Facebook fan. However, Facebook is shaping our future and this last couple paragraphs in this article on The Guardian I think is pretty accurate of where we’re headed;

“If you “like” on a third-party site, why not “like and buy”, with Facebook, which already has your name and contact information?”

What is Facebook Deals?

Here’s Facebook’s Blog post about Deals. Deals is Facebooks answer to Foresquare and Groupon and it offers a free way that businesses, even small businesses can entice and/or reward their customers or tribe. With Deals and your smartphone (using touch.facebook.com or Facebook for iPhone) you can now search for a local business and see what deals the business may be offering. Business with Deals will show a yellow icon beside their name.

facebook deals smartphone

The deals could be anything and the service is available to businesses of any size. If you are a small business owner you can check out the details at http://www.facebook.com/deals/.

As business start to use this I’m sure they will find intriguing and new ways to take advantage of this service. Facebook wants to be your one-stop-shop and this is another push in that direction.

What’s your thoughts on this?