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There are emails circulating from scotiabanksec.com that appear to be from Scotiabank and describe an incoming wire and have an attached Excel spreadsheet.
These are definitely not from Scotiabank and are spam emails!

Here’s a copy of the email received:

From: Penny Tam penny.tam@scotiabanksec.com
Sent: Tuesday, February 5, 2019 12:40 PM
To: {email address removed}
Subject: ALERT – BB Wire: Extra Due Diligence* RE: Incoming Wire Name and Account Mismatch


We received an incoming wire in CAD $18,324.67 from NetSystems TECHNOLOGY UK. The sender has provided an incorrect CAD account number, please see details attached.

Can you kindly advise if the funds needs to be credited to your CAD account?

Many thanks.


Wire ID : 190122S6909500
Sending Customer Name: NetSystems TECHNOLOGY UK
Beneficiary Transit Number: 1020
Beneficiary Account Number: 742475 ???
Currency and Amount: CAD 18,324.67
Payment Details:

Penny Tam | Corporate Cash Management Officer | ScotiaBank

Plaza 44 King Street | West Toronto | Ontario M5H 1H1

T: 416-982-6132 | F: 416-944-5891 | Toll Free 1-844-228-3458



There is an attached Excel file, mine was called “190122S6909500.xlsm” but I suspect this is a randomly generated file name.

Do not open the Excel file as it likely has a payload, some macro that you will be prompted to run.

If you do accidentaly open the Excel file you should immediately run a full antivirus/antimalware scan on your computer and advise your technical support team.

There is no Scotiabank logo and the footer of the email, although it is in a red font, is not a standard Scotiabank footer.

This is not in any way an email from Scotiabank and should be ignored and fully deleted.