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This morning there was a news article about a family that got stuck in the snow. Nothing unusual about that, we’ve all been there if you live in Canada – and they were from Calgary which does get a lot of snow.

But they were on a logging road. Why were they on a logging road?

Well because their GPS recommended it as the route to take to get to San Francisco.



does technology control your drivingSo even though the snow was thick on this logging road and there were no other car tracks they went anyway, got stuck, and had to be rescued.

Here’s another one; A lady in Ontario drives into the lake by following her GPS. It told her to take the boat ramp.

Here’s my question: At what point did the logic of what was going on around you give way to an absolute belief in a small screen on the dashboard that said; “go left” – and let technology control you?


Remember: Technology Is An Enabler

Technology is meant to help us, it’s to make our lives easier. When used properly it gives us timely information that we can use to make informed decisions.

YOU still need to be the ones making the decisions. You cannot let technology control you.

GPS doesn’t know the current road conditions, it can’t see out the front of your car and tell you what’s there. GPS can help you get there, but you still have to be the one to look and decide – under the immediate circumstances – what needs to be done.

Why do you let technology control you more than what your brain tells you?!

YOU Are The Master Computer!

let technology control your brainThe human brain is an amazing thing – faster and better than any computer today. It can take information for various sources, senses, and interpret it, adapt,  and react to it in real-time.

Close your eyes and think about your hand. You know exactly where it is. You know how hot or cold it is. You know exactly how your pinkie finger is resting on your lap.

You drive, using sight, sound, and the “feel” of the road to be safe and get to your destination – all in the background while having a conversation with your passenger at the same time.

Your brain is the ultimate computer.

Feed THAT computer!

Use the smart technology we have today as another input, another one of your senses – but always let the master computer make the decisions!