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[Guest post by Gabbie]
After creating much hype and speculation, Apple finally released its first seven inch tablet – the iPad Mini. A gadget that was considered to be a speculation, finally rolled out on the grounds of San Jose, California on the 23rd of October. Seven inch tablets are not new to the tech market as it has some really cool gadgets such as the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire that already exist. But what makes iPad Mini something special? Let’s find out:


The iPad Mini, which is designed to offer a good sensation when held in hand, weighs around less than a pound. This means that the entire design is 53 percent lighter and 23 percent thinner than its bigger counterparts. The screen measures around 7.9 inches and packs in the same amount of pixels as like the original iPads. It supports a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels and is claimed to be as clear and vivid as its predecessors.
Powered by an A5 chip, the tablet runs on iOS 6 and is designed to support over two hundred thousand applications available in the Apps Store. The ‘touch’ features are similar to the original iPad and provides better viewing angles to the users even under various circumstances. The processor which is dual-core is designed to seamlessly handle graphics and touch based tasks without restraining the battery life.
The iPad Mini sports two cameras that include a front facing FaceTime and a rear facing iSight. The iSight has a five megapixel lens and allows the users to capture real-time pictures and a 1080p video. Also, the camera comes with the traditional Apple-defined features such as the image stabilization and rear end illumination. And the best part is, the captured images can be immediately sent or shared with friends and relatives using iCloud.
Internet connectivity is taken care of by the dual band wireless feature that offers an internet speed up to 150 Mbps. It also supports 3Gand 4G LTE wireless connectivity so that people can surf, download, connect and retrieve information from wherever they are. The Lightning connector that was introduced along with the iPhone 5 takes its stand in the Mini as well. The company is also rolling out lightning accessories that are designed to support memory cards, camera and VGA and HD video.
The iPad Mini will be available in two models in a combinational set of two colors – silver & White and Black & Gray. People can pre-order their iPad Mini from the Apple online store and even purchase them directly from selected Apple stores and authorize dealer stores. Also, the company has claimed that the Mini with wireless and cellular connectivity will be available for pre-orders and sales only a couple of weeks after the release of the Mini with Wi-Fi. The cellular model of the mini will be available through various carriers and the prices are subject to change accordingly. The pricing and the availability of the non-cellular models are as follows:

Apple iPad mini with Wi-Fi only –
16GB priced at $329
32GB priced at $429
64GB priced at $629
The iPad Mini was not the only gadget to roll out in the Apple event and was accompanied by the unveiling of the 13inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, the iMac, Mac Mini and the fourth generation iPad. In short, Apple just triggered an avalanche of stunning products.
The release of any Apple product has always been a threat to its rivals and with the iPad entering the 7inch tablet race, it will be truly interesting to see as to how the counterparts react. So, can this mini yet mighty tab indeed heat up the friendly-war or will it just witness the battle as a spectator. Let’s wait and find out!

Gabbie has been writing technology related contents such as blogging, social media, gadget reviews and tutorials and making money online for more than four years now. She is currently working as a writer for Massbeacon where you can get details on FiOS Availability offers and savings.