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The newest version of the Google Android OS for both mobile phone and tablets, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, is out and available on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Android 4.0 is supposed to be the android OS that bridges the phone and tablet, adapting to one or the other easily.

The new Nexus phone will be out in US, UK and hopefully Canada in November 2011, with a 4.65” Amoled screen at 1280×720 pixels, 5 megapixel camera and 1080p video. Google claims that 550,000 Android devices are activated daily.

Google Android OS new features:

  • Physical buttons replaced with equivalent on-screen icons
  • Can access camera and notifications while phone is locked
  • Apps and shortcuts can now be grouped
  • Redesigned multi-tasking screen. Applications are represented by scrollable tiles
  • Face recognition for camera unlocking
  • Support for nested email subfolders
  • Android Beam – users can swap web content or links to apps by touching their phones together
  • Continuously open microphone – phones listen for instructions

One strange new feature. Android 4.0 only supports access to Gmail. If you want more than that you will need to download a 3rd part application for email.

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