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How to make sure your private information is not exposed with the new update from Facebook

Facebook has rolled out its new privacy settings that include some changes that can expose information that was previously protected.

Don’t just accept the default in the Privacy Settings Wizard that pops up. If you have already completed the wizard then you should check the following as soon as possible:

Protect your friends list

  • If you don’t want everyone to see your friends list within Facebook, click on the pencil icon next to your Friends widget on the left, below your profile picture, and un-check the box that says “Show my friends on my profile.”

Make sure the option to Index your profile is turned off

  • Go to Settings, Privacy Settings, Search and un-check the “Allow indexing” box.

Restrict who can see you on a Facebook Search list

  • Go to Settings, Privacy Settings, Search and beside Facebook Search Results, change the dropdown box to Friends of Friends

Here’s an excellent guide with screen shots, on WikiHow

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