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Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire today – along with the Kindle Touch reader – and reduced all the prices!


  • Kindle Fire tough sell in Canada due to lack of available content (Globe & Mail)
  • Kindle Fire not available in EU or UK (Techcrunch)
  • Here’s first impressions from ZDNet.
  • Here’s the Kindle Fire perspective from Reuters and here.
  • Demand may exceed production for Amazon Fire Tables (Reuters)

Here’s the lineup:
Amazon Fire

You will notice though, that all Amazon’s eReaders now come with sponsored screensavers except the Kindle Fire.

At US$199 the Amazon Kindle Fire has essentially dropped the price of an Android tablet device across the board. All other tablet device makers will have to respond, including the Barnes and Noble Nook.

According to Computerworld, the Kindle Fire has a dual-core CPU, 8Gb or storage, a backlit LCD 7″ screen that will do 1024 x 600, but no camera or microphone.

Amazon will release the Kindle Fire on November 15th and at this time it will be US only.

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Fire will let you read books and magazines, give you access to Android Apps (yes, Angry Birds) and access to their full library of books and movies . You can also browse the Internet and check your eMail, and you get one free month of Amazon Prime.