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I received an email this week from the domain

I’m particularly wary of emails from people I don’t know and so I checked it out. It looked like my Shaw Internet business account looking for account information updates, but the return email address was>.

Who are these people? Did you get one like this? Details

Here’s a screenshot of what the email looked like – notice the return address at the top ends with

The part that I didn’t like was that the email wanted you to update your personal information and then send it back to them by email.
That’s not safe, why would you send your information to someone you don’t know?

Why is this email not from Is someone trying to spoof Shaw and get your personal details?

Sending an email that’s not from your website domain name is not something Shaw should be doing. Also there’s no mention of going to their website, or a link to go there, so you can update it from there. That’s where alarm bells go off for me – especially since the return email address is not “”.

There’s no way I’m going to send personal information to someone I don’t know. is Okay

I had an online chat with Shaw tech support and they assured me that is indeed a legitimate email address for Shaw and is used by their tech support people. If you open a browser and go to you’ll see that is does redirect to the website.

However, this type of email doesn’t look good for Shaw, it sure smelled like SPAM and these days we’re all a bit wary. If I was suspect I’m sure others were too.

Don’t Send Personal Info by Email

By the way – I still didn’t send them the information they wanted by email, I went ahead and did the updates on my Shaw account page on their the website instead.
You should too.
Don’t send out your confidential information by email just because someone asks for it.

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