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Your emails are disappearing in Outlook 2010 or 2016! You dragged an email message from your Outlook Inbox folder to a sub-folder and now it’s disappeared! It’s a strange quirk of Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2016 and here’s how we fixed it.

First, just to be sure, check the folders adjacent to see if it has been dragged there by mistake, this can happen in Outlook, especially if you have a lot of sub-folders. When you’re in a hurry or are doing an Inbox cleanup it’s easy to drag a message to the wrong folder by mistake – and difficult to find afterwards.
You should also check the Outlook Deleted folder to see if, somehow, the message has gone there.


Outlook Messages Disappear

If you’ve checked the items mentioned above and your email is not in another folder or your Deleted folder then chances are it really is in the right place, you just can’t see it!

It’s a setting in your sub-folder view settings. In these few simple steps you can make sure you are seeing all the email messages in the folder. Hopefully once you’ve followed these instructions you will now be able to see all email messages in that folder and your email message will be there too. No longer will Outlook messages disappear!

outlook messages disappear

  • In Outlook 2010 or 2016 click the View tab for the ribbon bar
  • Click on the folder you want and then click View Settings
  • Go to advanced and see if there is any advanced filtering shown.
  • If so, remove it and click OK.

Check Your Other Folders

If you had to follow these steps to stop Outlook messages dissapearing then you should check your other Outlook folders as well. Make sure filtering is not applied to any of them.

Unfortunately there is no way in Outlook to select the root folder and make the change on all sub-folders. You actually have to go through each sub-folder and check it and change it if necessary.

It’s a pain, but it’s worth going through the steps to make sure you’re seeing all the messages you have.

Try Office 365?

Staying on top of security and app updates is another way to get past strange issues like this that occur on older software versions.

Did you know that moving to an Office 365 subscription automatically keeps your MS Office software up-to-date?