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Kobo Reader Promo

Received the following promo email from Kobo. There’s some useful links you may want to check out. Note: If you have an Amazon account you can buy the Kobo 6-Inch eBook Reader from Amazon   Gift an App » View on web » Add to safe list »...
Kobo Vox launches Oct 28

Kobo Vox launches Oct 28

[Update: The Kobo VOX release has been delayed to Nov 2, no word as to why yet] Kobo’s new eReader Vox is coming out this Friday Oct 28 Nov 2 and is available in Canada at Chapters and Indigo (see locations). Although we’ve mentioned the Kobo Vox...
Kobo Vox launches Oct 28

Kindle Fire Canadian Competitor: Kobo Vox

Toronto based Kobo Inc introduced the Kobo Vox yesterday as a direct competitor to the Kindle Fire – and it’s available in Canada! The Kobo Vox is priced the same as the Kindle Fire at CAN$199 and Kobo expects to start shipping Oct 28 – just prior to...