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Does your computer want to update .Net Framework 4 every time you shut the computer down – only to want to do it again next time? I’ve run into this a couple times already with customers. Here’s how I resolved this:

This Microsoft .Net problem comes up in Windows 7 and started about a month ago. Two updates show in your Windows Update, both for .Net Framework 4. If you shut down your computer you’ll see the usual “Updating 1 of 2” type message – but it happens every time you shut down. The computer does appear to go through the update process but the flag is not set to show that it has been updated so it wants to do it again.


.net framework 4The quickest and easiest way I found to resolve this is to completely remove both .Net Framework 4 applications from your computer, then download and install the newest version of .Net Framework 4.

Uninstall .NET Framework 4

Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features and first uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework 4 extended. You will be asked if you want to reboot when it is complete but just say no for now.

Now uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. This time select Reboot and allow your computer to reboot.

Install The Newest Version

Once you are logged back in (with Administrator rights) go to Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) and download the installer. I always elect to save the file, rather than just run it, just in case something goes wrong and I need to install it again.

Once you have installed .NET Framework 4, reboot your computer one last time and you should be ready to go. You will no longer get the notifications to upgrade.

Other Solutions?

If you’ve found another way to get past this error please let me know and I’ll add it to this post.