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As I look out my window and see the snowy flurry that’s being unleashed upon my city, I am reminded that winter is now in full-effect. It’s not all shoveling driveways and snow tires however as winter holds the most prized gem in the holiday coffer…Christmas. Regardless of beliefs, the Advent season reminds us of hope, peace and of course presents! So in the spirit of the upcoming holidays here are eight unique tech gifts for under $50 (you can order online now so that they arrive on time) that are sure to bring smiles to yourself, family and friends.

1. Defusable Bomb Alarm Clock

Tech Gifts under $50-Alarm Clock

What better way to start off our list then with a bang! Ok, that was corny but this interesting alarm clock is sure to become a topic of conversation. After going off you must undo one of the wires in order to turn it off-which has the potential to be either extremely cool or annoying depending on what kind of morning person you are. Regardless of your morning temperment you are a least bound to wake up. Check it out here, and hope the local authorities don’t get confused at the post office.


2. Bluetooth Glove Headset

Tech Gifts Under $50-Glove Headset

To be honest when conceiving ideas for this article this was the first thing that came to mind. This awesome idea (that should have been invented sooner to be honest), allows you to put the classic telephone hand sign to good use by talking into the mic located in the little finger whilst hearing from the speaker in the thumb. This is bound to get lots of looks and interest and can be picked up here
(I provided the least expensive version I could find but many other under $50 options are available).


3. Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Tech Gifts Under $50-Stir Mug

Just yes. This amazing yet simple innovation aims to solve the bane of all my warm beverage drinking experiences by providing a constant stir to the aforementioned drink. Gone are the days when you’ll be forced to drink a bland drink then experience an unpleasant gush of flavor only at the end. Their are many variations (including a version with auto-heating as well) but the basic version can be found here.


4. iPad Cup Holder Mount

Tech Gifts Under $50-iPad Mount

This is an compelling idea I never considered until driving along the road and deciding to use my iPad’s Google Maps audio navigation to guide me home. While the app worked fine, I simply had no place to put the iPad itself (at least securely) and the stress of my iPad going flying at a quick break was too much for me. This mount goes into almost every car (or virtually any) cup holder and keeps your iPad safely in place-allowing any iPad to become an easy substitute for potentially expensive navigation systems. It can be found here.


5. Virtual Keyboard

Tech Gifts Under $50-Virtual Keyboard

No Skynet has not yet taken over yet but you might think it has with this futuristic virtual keyboard. It can be projected onto many different flat surfaces and uses laser technology to detect finger “presses”. It goes without saying that this is just downright amazing from every standpoint. These systems have the potential to get pricey but some versions have gone on discount sales and one such can be found here.


6. Water Fountain Speakers

Tech Gifts Under $50-Water Speaker

This is actually quite soothing or energizing depending on your music choices. The speaker has a water section that will light up as it’s being used. Simple in concept but surprisingly enjoyable this speaker will seem to bring your music alive. Check it out here


7. Waterproof Watch Cell-Phone (With Video Recording and MP3 Player)

Tech Gifts Under $50-Phone Watch

I was originally looking for a camera watch (of which there are many) when I found the Swiss army knife of watches in the cell phone/camera/MP3 player. I also has tons of other features (amazingly) and can be used as many classic cell phones with their features and uses. While it’s versatility somewhat hampers it’s precision, it’s perfect for anyone who needs a multipurpose device that they can’t lose. You can find it here.


8. Smartphone Projector

Tech Gifts Under $50-Smartphone Projector

One of the difficulties of having a smartphone is that while it is compact, it’s small screen offers little in regards to public viewings. That’s where the smartphone projector comes in. With a slot in the back for you to attach your smartphone (Click the link for more pictures), this device projects your display on any nearby surface. This device can turn your iPhone into the new family movie machine. You can buy it over on Amazon with the link here.



There you have it-8 tech gifts for under $50 that are sure to make your present a memorable one at your next office party or family gathering. These can be easily ordered from Canada and many other countries quickly and securely. Interesting and thoughtful, these gifts will warm the cold winter of the recipient by making their Yuletide season one to remember.