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I received an email this week from the domain

I’m particularly wary of emails from people I don’t know and so I checked it out. It looked like my Shaw Internet business account looking for account information updates, but the return email address was>.

Who are these people? Did you get one like this? Details

Here’s a screenshot of what the email looked like – notice the return address at the top ends with

The part that I didn’t like was that the email wanted you to update your personal information and then send it back to them by email.
That’s not safe, why would you send your information to someone you don’t know?

Why is this email not from Is someone trying to spoof Shaw and get your personal details?

Sending an email that’s not from your website domain name is not something Shaw should be doing. Also there’s no mention of going to their website, or a link to go there, so you can update it from there. That’s where alarm bells go off for me – especially since the return email address is not “”.

There’s no way I’m going to send personal information to someone I don’t know. Is Okay

I had an online chat with Shaw tech support and they assured me that is indeed a legitimate email address for Shaw and is used by their tech support people. If you open a browser and go to you’ll see that is does redirect to the website.

However, this type of email doesn’t look good for Shaw, it sure smelled like SPAM and these days we’re all a bit wary. If I was suspect I’m sure others were too.

Don’t Send Personal Info by Email

By the way – I still didn’t send them the information they wanted by email, I went ahead and did the updates on my Shaw account page on their the website instead.
You should too.
Don’t send out your confidential information by email just because someone asks for it.

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  1. IT’S TIME FOR TELUS TO PLAY WITH SHAW INTERNET CUSTOMERS. One of the Telus door to door salesman asked me whether I had received emails from for example and I told him yes, many times. He said that is one of Shaw marketing techniques to scared their customer not to download copyrighted games, movies etc. So that Shaw customers will subscribe to shaw’s products such as Shaw on demands, shomi etc. But I myself will stay with shaw, the internet speed is good enough for me.

  2. Kathy LaBossiere | February 3, 2016 at 10:06 am | Reply

    Hi, I am trying to email a Referral Request for Shaw’s comments. The email that I have is and the message keeps coming back saying “undeliverable”. Is there another contact email that I can send these referrals to?

  3. I received a message from same email address.
    I was forwarded am email from HBO.
    Apparently, a guest had used our wifi to download a bit torrent of Game of Thrones. Illegal and actionable.
    We have an airbnb listing and so this explains it. In future I plan to have guests sign an agreement to use our wifi for legal activity only. Perhaps sonething about their taking responsibility for any infringement of copyright that might occur.

  4. So… may be a legitimate Shaw domain. HOWEVER, that means NOTHING. I could have an e-mail “” and put as my display name “”. The email name would show up as “” in the recipient’s mailbox. The fact that is a “legitimate domain” does NOT mean anyone should trust the e-mail. NO LEGITIMATE COMPANY WILL ASK YOU FOR YOUR PERSONAL/ACCOUNT INFO VIA E-MAIL. If it asks for it, DELETE it.

  5. The address is the internal email address used by Shaw employees (I am a former employee of Shaw). Customers use the address and the sjrb is the one used for staff – it is also the stock market symbol for Shaw.

    • Hello… but Shaw doesn’t really help though.

      I told Shaw, the contact name/company/address are all invalid.

      Brad Bo
      On behalf of Vobile as an agent for Television Broadcasts Limited
      4699 Old Ironsides Drive, Ste 430
      Santa Clara, CA 95054

      Shaw just told me that there has nothing they can do with it.

      I reply this message and would like to let you know… Shaw is forwarding us some emails which is kind of annoying. should I really contact as per request?

      I really need to know, because this is the second emails that my father received already. If this is a spam, I’ll ignore it.

      • Don’t reply to any of those emails… if you reply they got you and you can be sued by them. shaw only has to send out those notices. they don’t manage anything beyond that outside their network.,

  6. I also received a similiar email to Mark on March 30th with a Digitally Signed – sender/signer mismatch .
    It wants me to hit continue on email but I haven’t . Anyone else getting this. This was on my Shaw account.

  7. Just received an email from – it says it’s ‘digitally signed’ however gmail informs me that it is a sender/signer mismatch. I’m not opening this but just thought I’d pass the info along…

  8. If you EVER encounter any email from shaw asking for any personal information (other than your monthly bill) delete is immediately. i am a shaw employee and they are sending out false emails with faked email addresses. please do not respond to them and delete them immediately.

  9. I’m not certain who or what it stands for, but I have Shaw as a client and his current (direct & active) email address is A colleague of his recently forwarded me artwork from another email that was

    These are legitimate Shaw email addresses, used by Shaw operations. No flagging necessary 🙂

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