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I received an email this week from what looked like my Shaw Internet business account looking for account information updates, but the return email address was

Did you get one?


Here’s a screenshot of what the email looked like – notice the return address at the top:


The part that I didn’t like what that the email wanted you to update your information and send it back to them by email. There’s no mention of going to their website and updating it from there. That’s where alarm bells go off for me – especially since the return email address is not “”.

I had an online chat with Shaw tech support and they assured me that is indeed a legitimate email address for Shaw and is used by their tech support people. If you open a browser and go to you’ll see that is does redirect to the website.

This type of email doesn’t look good for Shaw, it sure smelled like SPAM and these days we’re all a bit wary. If I was suspect I’m sure others were too.

(by the way – I still went ahead and did the updates on the website rather than email)

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  1. Blake

    I also received a similiar email to Mark on March 30th with a Digitally Signed – sender/signer mismatch .
    It wants me to hit continue on email but I haven’t . Anyone else getting this. This was on my Shaw account.

  2. Mark

    Just received an email from – it says it’s ‘digitally signed’ however gmail informs me that it is a sender/signer mismatch. I’m not opening this but just thought I’d pass the info along…

  3. Maigen

    If you EVER encounter any email from shaw asking for any personal information (other than your monthly bill) delete is immediately. i am a shaw employee and they are sending out false emails with faked email addresses. please do not respond to them and delete them immediately.

  4. Dawn

    I’m not certain who or what it stands for, but I have Shaw as a client and his current (direct & active) email address is A colleague of his recently forwarded me artwork from another email that was

    These are legitimate Shaw email addresses, used by Shaw operations. No flagging necessary :)

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