Turn Off Outlook Adding Events To Calendar Automatically

Office 365 users are being notified that Outlook is now adding events to calendar automatically. I think my main objection with this is that my emails are being reviewed for content, plus I like to choose what I schedule.

Here’s the notification i received:

Stay on top of your events

Outlook will now automatically add your flights and other events from your email to your calendar so you don’t forget them.

How to stop Office 365 adding events to Calendar

This feature is enabled at the Office 365 side, not the Outlook side.
You’ll need to login to your email account at https://login.microsoftonline.com.

Once logged in, select Outlook if you aren’t already there.

  1. Click the gear (top right) and select Calendar
  2. On the left under Automatic Processing, select Events from Email
  3. From here you can either select “Don’t add events to my calendar from email”, or select only those items you would like added
  4. Remember to click Save at the top

The change happens immediately and you now have control over your Inbox, and Calendar again.

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Guy is owner of Trusted Technology Inc, a Canadian based company. With 20+ years experience Guy provides managed IT support services to small businesses and non profits across Canada.

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