Toshiba Satellite Laptop Recall

Toshiba is recalling 41,000 laptops after over 100 reports of melting laptop cases and minor injuries.

The laptops affected are Satellite T135, Satellite T135D, Satellite ProT130.

Toshiba Satellite ProT130

Here’s the full list:

Satellite T135D-S1326, T135D-SP2012L, T135-SP2909R, T135D-SP2012M, T135-SP2013L, T135-SP2013M, T135D-S1322, T135-S1330, T135D-S1328WH, T135D-S1328RD, T135D-S1328, T135D-S1327, T135D-S1325WH, T135D-S1325RD, T135D-S1325, T135D-S1324, T135D-S1320, T135-SP2911R, T135-S1312, T135-S1310WH, T135-S1310RD, T135-S1310, T135-S1309, T135-S1307, T135-S1305WH, T135-S1305RD, T135-S1305, T135-S1300WH, T135-S1300RD, T135-S1300, T135-SP2911C, T135-SP2911A, T135-SP2910R, T135-SP2910C, T135-SP2910A, T135-SP2909C, T135-SP2909A Satellite Pro T130-W1302, T130-EZ130

According to Toshiba; “The notebook computers can overheat at the notebook’s plug in to the AC adaptor, posing a burn hazard to consumers.”

Laptop overheating is becoming an issue for all manufacturers. Processors and batteries get hot and as the quest to get smaller and lighter ensues there’s just more components in a smaller space. Where does it stop? Either better cooling technology needs to be introduced or, for the consumer’s protection, a limit must be reached.

Here’s the link to Toshiba’s Recall Notice

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