My Bell Mobility Bill Does Not Add Up

Alright – I just got off the phone with Bell Mobility to try to find some clarification on my monthly cell phone usage billing.

Here’s the issue:
I have the Bell Fab 10 Promo 55 – Smart – 36M plan.
200 minutes plus 300 more minutes.

212 minutes no charge
41 minutes charged at $.40/min
200 minutes Included Minutes Usage no charge
243 minutes for FAB10 no charge
300 minutes Included Minutes Usage no charge
996 Total time used

I can’t make any of those figures add up to 996!

Even the Bell Mobility Customer Support agent could not clearly tell me how the minutes add up. The call ended when she said it was all computerized and IS correct. It may include some minutes that are under 1 minute in duration that they chose not to charge me for. (Basically don’t worry, just pay the bill – eh?!)

As a small business owner I check my bills and look for ways to use my phone services effectively in order to keep my costs down.

Bell Mobility – are you out there? Can anyone explain this to me?

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Guy is owner of Trusted Technology Inc, a Canadian based company. With 20+ years experience Guy provides managed IT support services to small businesses and non profits across Canada.

3 Comments on "My Bell Mobility Bill Does Not Add Up"

  1. How doesn’t that add up

    212 + 41 = 253

    253 + 200 = 453

    453 + 243 = 696

    696 + 300 = 996

    Where is the confusion here?

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