More People Installed Windows 7 Than 8 in November

Everywhere you look Windows 8 is being promoted. A quick review of the technology outlet stores will tell you that Windows 7 is nowhere to be found – and yet for the month of November more people installed Windows 7 than Windows 8.


Windows 7 increased 0.22% in November and is now installed in 46.64% of computers.
Windows 8, in comparison only increased .05% to 2.64% of computers.

The Register article suggests it is businesses that are installing Windows 7, and indeed Windows 7 is still available as part of Microsoft’s Open Licensing program.
It is the general consumers who are locked out of Windows 7 availability, no doubt because if they had access to Windows 7 they would probably be buying it rather than version 8.
None of my customers are happy with Windows 8 and are still struggling to comprehend the changes and where to find the new places for the things they want to do. Even Internet Explorer in Windows 8 puts the browsing bar at the bottom rather than the top – why?

Oh, and did you know 31% of computers are still using Windows XP? Are you? Be aware that support for that runs out April 2014.

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Guy is owner of Trusted Technology Inc, a Canadian based company. With 20+ years experience Guy provides managed IT support services to small businesses and non profits across Canada.

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  1. As 90% of my computer & online use is for business, I too am holding onto W7. The last thing I need is some APP-heavy OS nightmare courtesy of MS. Not only is W8 being over promoted, it is being forced on people at every opportunity. Case in point, to access online content on my favorite BC TV network (Global TV BC) I now need W8 and Shaw (as in cable tv) Apps. I am not on Shaw as they are nowhere near where I live. What a bunch of guano. BTW my policy for decades has been to avoid every other OS from MS like the plague. Since good days of W95 then W98, every 2nd release has been garbage. Anyone recall Millenium? The Vista of the 90s.

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