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My Internet Explorer just got updated to version 11. Internet Explorer 11 has some known issues and more than likely you have experienced problems with Google,, and other websites. A number of customers of mine have seen issues and there is no fix-all for the problems, but certainly turning off compatibility mode will help, plus some other steps.



Stop Auto Updating IE

Microsoft includes Internet Explorer 11 in the Windows 8.1 update and has now started updating Windows 7 versions. To not automatically get this update you need to act quickly:
Microsoft cleverly hid the update settings for Internet Explorer under About Internet Explorer. Now on the About screen that pops up you will see a checkbox for automatic updates, uncheck it.
You’ll probably get a security popup from Windows asking if you want to allow Windows to make this change, just click yes.
There is also a toolkit for Windows 7 that will put off this update, but again you need to act fast before it automatically occurs. Problems

Internet Explorer 11 has trouble with Microsoft’s own unless you turn the Compatibility Lists off, or adjust it. Here’s Microsoft’s official resolution;
To work around this issue … use Internet Explorer 11 in compatibility mode to access OWA. To do this, press F10 to display the menu bar, go to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer 11, and then click Compatibility View settings. Then, add the OWA site to the list of sites to be viewed in compatibility view.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Problems

Here’s the resolution, according to Daria Barenevia;
Log in to MOP from a machine with an older IE version (IE10 for example) and rerun the configuration from there OR use compatibility view.

How To Uninstall Internet Explorer 11

If you are using Windows 8.1 you cannot uninstall IE 11, but you can disable it. Here’s Microsoft’s steps to do that.
If you’re using Windows 7 here’s a WikiHow article to help you go back to Internet Explorer 10.

Of course, many of us have moved on from