Funny Error Message Popped Up On My Computer

funny error message

Okay, so this funny error message popped up on my computer. I work with computers and see error messages all the time. Many are cryptic, some make no sense at all, but few are a funny error messages! When a program wants to you wait for something it usually tries to tell you that it won’t take too long at all. Not this error…



Funny Error Message

This error is from a NetGear ReadyNAS Pro2, an external drive available over a network. I was in the middle of working on something and has lost the network connection so it pops up this error message. I have no problem waiting (well, maybe I do..) but it is unusual to be asked to “wait as long as you can” – just how long is that?

funny error message

I’m still waiting…..
(How long can YOU wait?)

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