iPad iPhone WiFi Connection Drops

One of our customers was experiencing iPhone WiFi connection drops intermittently and frequently. It affected both their iPhone and iPad, both updated and running the latest version of Apple software. Here’s what we did.

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The NoPhone – Do You Need One?

C’mon people,has it really come to this? Are we really so attached to our phones that it can be classified as an “addiction” and we now need placebos and help to live in the real…

5 Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy S

Here are 5 built-in features of your Samsung Galaxy S phone you may not know about.     Screen Brightness – slide your finger left or right across the status bar at the very top…

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Canada Smartphones – A Look Back At 2011

2011 was the year that smartphones became faster, thinner, lighter, and graced our hands with large displays. The average wireless customer was looking for the latest device, unfortunately it wasn’t a BlackBerry, but the newest…