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Funny Tech Story

Not all of us our tech savvy – but some are less than most. Here’s a funny tech WiFi story that if nothing else will help you appreciate what you know about WiFi!

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Does Technology Control You?

This morning there was a news article about a family that got stuck in the snow. Nothing unusual about that, we’ve all been there if you live in Canada – and they were from Calgary…

Office 365 in Canada

Microsoft has finally made available a Office 365 in Canada. This means all your Office 365 data will remain in Canada in the Toronto and Quebec data centers. This is good news for Medical, Legal,…

upgrade to office 2016

Upgrade to Office 2016

I just completed an upgrade to Office 2016 and it didn’t go well for Outlook 2016. Something got corrupted along the way with my Outlook profile and it took a few steps to get things…