5 Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy S

Here are 5 built-in features of your Samsung Galaxy S phone you may not know about.



  • Screen Brightness – slide your finger left or right across the status bar at the very top of your phone
  • Move Between Screens – pinch any screen you are on to get a view of them all, then select the one you want.
  • Back To Home – from any page, press the button at the bottom of your Galaxy phone to go back to the home page
  • Add an App To Any Page – move to the page you want and press the applications button, then press and hold the app you want to add to that page.
  • Move an App To A New Page – press and hold the app icon, then slide your finger left or right to move to a new page

These features work with my Samsung Galaxy S phone with Android version 2.3. They may also apply to other Android phones – you’ll just have to try it.

Here’s Samsung’s Galaxy S Live Show for more tips.

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